Bulk Water Supply - 1000 litre
As well as providing the highest quality natural mineral water in bottles and containers for use in the home, Glencar can also supply refillable 1000 litre containers for commercial use. These transportable containers are ideal for restaurants, offices etc that require a source of high quality drinking water that may not be otherwise available. They are incredibly good value for money and, being usable for up to 3 years, can also be extremely useful for emergencies or water shortages. Another usage is for food, drinks and pharmaceutical manufacturing where the highest possible hygienic and health considerations are required.
Bulk Water by tanker
We also have the facility to offer large volume water shipments in the form of lorry tanker loads(special stainless steel tankers)- at extremely good value for money. These tankers can transport large bulk water across the country, or beyond, in a matter of hours.
Shipping by Ship Worldwide
We are currently working on a number of initiatives to supply our healthy mineral water worldwide, with a view to piping our water to Killybegs Harbour to a specially designed storage facility where it can be transported by special tanker ships worldwide. This is particularly relevant in counrties that suffer a shortage of pristine drinking water. Some countries currently desalinate sea water for consumption, which can result in all kinds of long term health problems, including gallstones.